Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Kitchen Exhaust Fans: The Most Important Appliance For The Kitchen

The concept of kitchen exhaust fans is not new, however they received an importance in the kitchen components in the 1990s and became an indispensable appliance in the kitchens. The right kitchen exhaust fan is highly recommended as it helps in eliminating smoke, grease, odors and humidity, which not only makes your kitchen and home unpleasant but also damages the building and fixtures.


Types of Kitchen Exhaust Fan Range

A range hood over a cooktop helps in reducing the odor,  grease and gases from the kitchen before it can spread in the kitchen. It is typically an updraft ventilation hood that sucks air out and channels upwards through a duct. It may or may not come with a blower.

The different types of range hoods are – canopy, downdraft, chimney and island hoods.

Types of Mounting:

  • Wall Mounted : Hangs on the wall


  • Cabinet Mounted: Fits inside a cabinet
  • Under-cabinet type : Mounts on a cabinet
  • Island- Hangs from  the ceiling

 Types of Vent:

  • Ducted Vents- Carries the sir outside
  • Ductless – Recirculates the air

Type of Blower

  • External – The blower is fixed on the roof or outside wall
  • Internal – The blower  fits into the hood
  • Inline- The blower is installed within the ductwork line.


Important Terms to Know When Selecting Kitchen Exhaust Fans

There are certain technical terms that you may come across when you are looking at installing of replacing the kitchen exhaust fan.

 CFM – This stands for ‘cubic feet per minute’ and measures the amount of air that can be sucked out from a place in a minute

BTU – This means British thermal unit is the performance measurement. (BTU/ 100 = CFM)
Sone – This is a measure of  sound (whispering equals 0.5 sons while normal voice is 4-5 sones)